Current teaching

  1. GEST-S-2002 Sustainable Development, Business and Policy (full material on the UV platform)
  2. Sustainability 101 (Executive Education)

 Current doctoral students

  1. Dang Duy-Anh Phan is interested in climate policies in weak enforcement contexts
  2. Julia Jadin is interested in sustainable development
  3. Leticia Pieraerts is interested in electricity markets and how they can support the energy transition

 Former doctoral students

  1. Paolo Casini (European Commission DG Growth)
  2. Li Chen (University of Gothenburg)
  3. Luisa Dressler (OECD)
  4. François Koulischer (University of Luxemburg)
  5. Maria-Eugenia Sanin (Université Paris – Saclay)
  6. Aurélie Slechten (University of Lancaster)

 Current master students

Every year I supervise the undergraduate thesis of a number of students working on education, energy or the environment. Some of these have been awarded prizes, including Tessy Kaiser (ECONB 2013) who received the Sadi Kirchen Prize for her thesis on intergenerational accounting, and Mourad El Rougy (ECONB, 2017) who has been awarded the HERA award for Future Generations, category IT, for a thesis on the benefit of open data for improving environmental policy design and implementation

During this academic year, I am working with the following students:

  1. Myriam Benalla on “Making the most from crowd-sourced data on air pollution”
  2. Kolya Bernaerts on “Taxation, mobility and residential choices”
  3. Laure de Potter d’Indoye on “Classement ESG des entreprises: Qualité, pertinence et alignement avec la nouvelle taxonomie européenne”
  4. Florent Gherairi on “Methods of inference for decentralized energy production: What does it tell us about actual electricity production?”
  5. Milton Mayeres on “the Times Higher Education SDG Impact Ranking”