Current teaching

  1. ECON-S-452 Environmental Economics (Masters level) < Syllabus >  (full material on the UV platform)

 Current doctoral students

  1. Stefan Bergheimer is interested in the economics of clearing houses
  2. Luisa Dressler analyses the impact of energy and environmental policies with applications to the design of electricity markets and the housing market

 Current master students

Every year I supervise the undergraduate thesis of a number of students working on education, energy or the environment. During this academic year, I am working with the following students:

  1. Mourad El Rougy, on “Can Open Data improve environmental policy design or implementation?”
  2. Maxence Huet on “To what extent are cross-country differences in GHG per capita driven by differences in production structures rather than differences in consumption?”
  3. Géraldine Morelle on “Understanding the obstacles to change in individual behavior towards a more sustainable way of living”
  4. Kevin Niester on “An evaluation of domestic waste reduction policies in Wallonia”
  5. Thimothée Remy on “Mesures d’efficience dans l’enseignement”
  6. Laurianne Salmon on “The carbon footprint of our diets”
  7. William Ulens on “Reforming Belgium’s company car regime: Challenges and possible solutions”