Current teaching

  1. ECON-S-452 Environmental Economics (Masters level) < Syllabus >  (full material on the UV platform) (will not be taught in 2017-18)

 Current doctoral students

  1. Stefan Bergheimer is interested in the economics of clearing houses

 Former doctoral students

  1. Paolo Casini (KU Leuven)
  2. Li Chen (University of Gothenburg)
  3. Luisa Dressler (OECD)
  4. François Koulischer (Central Bank of Luxemburg)
  5. Maria-Eugenia Sanin (Université Paris – Saclay)
  6. Aurélie Slechten (University of Lancaster)

 Current master students

Every year I supervise the undergraduate thesis of a number of students working on education, energy or the environment. During this academic year, I am working with the following students:

  1. Nikolaos Dendramis, on “An allocation mechanism for courses at Solvay”
  2. Kevin Niester on “An evaluation of domestic waste reduction policies in Wallonia”
  3. Denis Pick on “Should the Belgian National Railways introduce peak-load pricing?”